4 Things you did not know about the game Warframe and Chicken, Doesn’t Even Make Sense

Prior to the release of the news that Digital Extremes, a known developer of games including Warframe has sold 61% of their holdings, strong rumors have already circulated pertaining to Sumpo Food Holdings eyeing on the said company. While some people didn’t care much about the rumors, many people have been left feeling confused as soon as the news has been confirmed. After all, the one who has brought their holdings is not related to the gaming industry in any way.

(1) As a matter of fact, Sumpo Food Holdings is a Chinese company who is best known for their chicken meat products. In addition to that, people are now wondering how the America first policy of President Donald Trump would affect the transaction that has already been made.

(2.) Can you just imagine a chicken company being one of the main shareholders of a gaming company? Many people think that this doesn’t even make sense, especially upon hearing what the CEO of Digital Extremes, James Schmalz said about the transaction. According to him, they are thrilled to be able to partner up with someone who shares the same philosophy as them in terms of the future of gaming. People just cannot understand how a chicken company has the same philosophy as that of a company who has always been working on developing games.

(3.) On the other hand, there have also been people who have come up with assumptions on why the chicken company has started to show an interest in investing or purchasing holdings from a company from a far different industry as them. Some said that it can be the result of the Avian flu outbreak in China that has affected the said chicken meat company a lot, resulting in them being left with no other choice but to engage in a business that is not at all related to chicken and was established in America on top of that, a country with a President who gives priority to American citizens and American business owners. While the 58% of the holdings have been purchased by the Chicken processing plant, the other 3% of the holdings have been purchased by the company, Perfect Online. As a result of the purchase made, the said company has also been provided with the exclusive publishing rights of the popular game, Warframe in China.

(4.) Thanks to Sumpo purchasing the 58% of the holdings, chickens have made it to the headlines but although this news is not new anymore, it is still difficult to determine whether it has been a good news or not but obviously, it’s not for the gamers.

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