Peel Case iPhone X Protective Cases-min

As we all know Apple has outed its long awaited anniversary edition Apple iPhone X. I am not a fond of iPhone mainly due to same old boring design every time they unveil a new iPhone. iPhone X however, is something different, something beautiful. The bezel-less front of the phone looks gorgeous. The weird cutout at the top for camera and sensors while looks weird, it also makes it more pleasing, unique and gives it a lot of character. The back of the phone is also made entirely of glass which while makes the device look stunning, it also makes it fragile. While the back glass is also Gorilla Glass 5, still it is not as tough as the aluminum. While the both the front and back glass are held together by a tougher stainless steel frame, still there is a good chance of the glass to shatter on a bad drop.

The glass also makes the phone a fingerprint magnet and very slippery. To overcome these issues and protect your device against drops, you need to put on a protective case. While a protective case might cover the beauty of the phone, it won’t be beautiful anymore if you drop it. Therefore a protective cover or a case is necessary for the gorgeous looking iPhone X. Here in this article, we have gathered a few protective cases for the Apple iPhone X that will protect your iPhone X against drops. We have made sure to include cases that look beautiful and does not make your phone look bad. We will go from soft thinner and transparent cases to rugged and wallet cases.

Best Protective Cases For The Apple iPhone X

Olixar Ultra-Thin iPhone X Gel Case


Olixar Gel Case is a thin transparent case that provides necessary security to your beloved iPhone X without covering the beauty of the phone. The best thing is it goes very easy on your pocket.

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Crystal Touch Series TPU Case For the iPhone X

Crystal Touch Series iPhone X Protective Cases-min

Designed by VRSDesign this case TPU case promise to protect every corner of your phone without veiling the beauty of the iPhone X. This one is costlier than the case we have mentioned above.

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Crystal Bumper Series Case for iPhone X

Crystal Bumper Series iPhone X Protective Cases-min

Crystal Bumper series is another transparent case for the iPhone X but the sides are made of a colored plastic to add a little extra style to the phone. The case is available in five color options including Pink, Black, Gray, White, and Gold. This case costs around $3 to purchase.

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Single Fit Series Soft TPU Case for iPhone X

Single Fit Series iPhone X Protective Cases-min

Available only in a Black color, Single Fit Series Case is a Soft TPU case with a matte finish making your case free of fingerprints. If you miss the cool look of the Matte Black iPhone 7, this case will make your iPhone X look like a matte Black iPhone 7.

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Totallee Thin iPhone X Case

Totallee Thin iPhone X Protective Case-min

Totallee Thin iPhone X case is an extremely thin iPhone X case with a lot of different colors. The phone protects your phone without making the phone much thicker. The colors include Frosted white, jet white, matte black, grey, navy blue, Jet Black, red, and green.

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Desmay Slight iPhone X case


Desmay Slight iPhone X case is another super slim iPhone case made up of Silicon. It is probably the thinnest protective case on this list. The case comes in four color options: Black, Grey, Clear, and Jet Black.

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Peel Case

Peel Case iPhone X Protective Cases-min

Peel Case is a beautiful minimalist slim case having a semi-transparent matte finish which looks amazing.  This case is just 0.35mm thick which the same as the Desmay case above. Peel also comes in wide range of colors.

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Moshi StealthCover Case for iPhone X

Moshi Stealthcover iPhone X Protective Cases-min

This Moshi iPhone X case is made of metal and comes with a screen protector which ensures that your screen doesn’t break or scratch. The case comes with a military grade drop protection certificate so this should protect your phone better than the rest. The downside is you won’t be able to wirelessly charge your iPhone X due to the metal build.

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Tech21 EVO Tactical

Tech21 EVO Tactical Case for iPhone X-min

Tech21 Evo Tactical is another iPhone X Protective case that promises better protection of your phone against drops. The design looks fresh and the case isn’t even as thick some other armor cases you may have seen.

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Layered Dandy Series Wallet Case by VRSDesign $34

Layered Dandy Series iPhone X Protective Cases-min

Layered Dandy Series for the iPhone X is a gorgeous looking premium wallet case made up of PU leather. As the name suggests the case comes with many layered slots for cards and cash. It comes in two colors: Black and Brown.

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Snakehive Pastel Collection Wallet Cases

Snakehive Pastel Collection iPhone X Protective Cases-min

Snakehive is a premium UK brand which design premium leather wallet cases. Snakehive Pastel Collection wallet cases for the iPhone X design in the UK while handcrafted in Europe. At least that’s what the Snakehive claims. The Pastel wallet case is made up of Nubuck leather and sanded to give it a soft suede texture. There are a few compartments for cards. The case can also be folded back to act as a kickstand. There are many different wallet cases available for purchase. Check out the link below and get the one which you like.

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