2016 has been a great year for mobile gaming. There have been a lot of interesting game titles released in 2016 which are fun to play. In this list, we have gathered 10 of best new Android & iPhone games which we think are some of the best Android & iOS games released this year. While there are many more interesting titles released this year on the Apple iTunes and Google Play store we had to keep the list short. We haven’t included the Pokemon Go since everyone knows about it. We also left out Super Mario Run because it has been released only on iOS.

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10Rodeo Stampede

Android Free || iPhone Free

Rodeo Stampede is a fast-paced arcade ride through a savannah Anna on the back of a Buffalo, elephant or any other exotic animal. In the game, you dodge and avoid obstacles in your chase for a higher score. The goal is to help your character catch sonic animals for the zoo using a lesser. The player can ride any animal that he or she finds in his pop so get ready for an unforgettable race to through savannah.

9Grim Legends 3

Android $4.99 || iPhone Free (with IAP)

Grim legends the dark city is the first installment of the high quality hidden object adventure game. This time, you take the role of a girl called Sylvia when a powerful artifact has been stolen. Sylvia and her master Solomon embark on an adventure to find and defeat the thief. The heroine and her mentor will not only face two evil ports within the graphic walls of the grim city but also dark secrets from the past. The game features stunning hand-drawn artwork.


Android $4.99 || iPhone $4.99

‘Skater’ is a 3D skateboarder game with a unique kind of gameplay. Instead of pressing buttons to do tricks you actually have to grab and drag your feet at the skateboard to perform those tricks. It’s not as hard as it sounds though as you will go into slow motion during the trick so you have more time to handle your skateboard. There are plenty of difficulty levels, skateboards, and shoes for you to unlock in the game. I think this game is definitely worth checking out even if you’re not a fan of skateboarding games because well it just seems like a heck of a lot of fun.

7Seven Guardians

Android || iPhone Free

Seven Guardians is an excellent RPG game that takes place in the universe inspired by the Norse mythology consisting of Nine Worlds helped by a magical tree. You control squad consisting of seven brave heroes each of which has unique abilities. Your task is to control appropriate units and guardians to leave them in order to successfully attack and opponents forces. Skills are a key to victory and correct timing can make a difference between winning and losing. You can upgrade the fact weapons and armors of each Hero to increase the performance. Although the game is mainly single player game it does feature a PvP Arena for players to battle each other.

6Satellite Command

Android $3.99 || iPhone $4.99

Satellite Command is a management game in which you take the role of a commander in charge of regulating all space traffic. You’re given limited resources and one mistake will result in a calamity. Some of your tasks will be managing the orientation and position of satellites and purchase updates to avoid any accidents. You have to carefully plan all your actions from the very beginning.


Android || iPhone Free

Redcon takes place in dystopian future in which the first world war never ended. Only two nations remain, however, the Empire which you fight for a treacherous opposing nation. Your task to use any artillery necessary to take out the traitors. It is to do this by managing the troops inside your base controlling various parts of the artillery. Rooms can be built to support and boost your place. Troops can also be ordered to enter any base. overall this game allows for fun and challenging pattern.


Android || iPhone Free

Dawnbringer takes you across the ruined land of the lost world. You play as castell, the divine creature pan to the lost world together with his brother. However, while entering the lost world your brother was instructed by evil powers and it is your goal to stop your brother and rescue humans from the strip. Take your hero to dangerous dungeons and vast deserts and defeat all the demons that stand in your way one by one.

3NBA Live Mobile

Android || iPhone Free

NBA live mobile allows you to manage your own basketball team. While it of course, is limited by mobile controls, still does a great job at simulating basketball. You can buy players, train them and discover new abilities in order to bring your team to the NBA Finals. But together you must win matches and advance to earn money for improving your team’s performance. Amazing graphics and smooth gameplay make for a great game.

2CSR Racing 2

Android || iPhone Free

CSR Racing 2 is a sequel to the popular drag racing game. This time, the game is back and has even better graphics. It might very well be the best-looking game out on a mobile today. This time, you try to take over the city again. However multiplayer has been revamped and fit instead of driving against a set time by a friend you can race in real time. You can from a crew together with your friends and dominate the leaderboards together. Expect a wide range of cars and upgrades to beat your opponents.

1Never Alone

Android || iPhone $4.99

Never Alone is a puzzle-platformer based on traditional Inuit story. You play as the girl Nuna and arctic fox. The goal is to save the native village from destruction by a never-ending blizzard. while the Fox is fast, Luna can think about things and open up new areas using a bowl. You can switch control between Nuna and Fox to overcome any obstacle. Stunning graphics, a touching story, and unusual characters making a worthy experience.