Best Free Android & iOS Games You Shouldn’t Miss

April 25, 2018

It has been 10 years since the birth of Android and iOS platforms. iPhone is now 10 years old and so is the Android platform with hundreds maybe thousands of different phones. Both of these Platforms have evolved greatly during the last 10 years. Today Both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store has millions of apps and games. Over the years there have been many amazing games released some of which have lost their glory while some are still considered the best even after years since their initial release.

Top 20 Free iOS & Android Games You Shouldn’t Miss

Today we have gathered 20 best free Android and iOS games that haven’t lost their appeal despite being very old. There are many amazing paid games in both the app stores but we will do an article on those some other time. Today enjoy the best free games available on the Android and iOS platforms.

Offcource there may be many games which might like and won’t find on this list but then there is the fact the list is already pretty long and it is pretty hard to decide between some much great games. If you think of some games which should have made it to this list, you can write about them in the comments section to make this list as useful as it could be.

Here is a new list of best free Android & iPhone games for the year 2018 that you should check out.

Lost in Harmony

Embark on a pair of emotion-fuelled tales of love and hope in a rhythm game that will move your very core. Lost in Harmony is one of the genre’s most loved games, taking you on an emotional rollercoaster ride as you follow the connected stories of two ill-fated lovers and a robot’s courageous escape. Jam to the music of Wyclef Jean, Onoken, Godspeed Vivix and more, as you travel past their wonderfully animated stages.

Bushido Bear

Adorable as he is, this charming ursine warrior is more than his cutesy looks. Another intriguing title from Spry Fox, step into the colorful forests and help Bushido bear as he defends the forest from the satanic intruders. Slice down enemies with your razor-sharp weaponry, and watch them disintegrate against your magical capabilities. Unlock new ninja bears with your high scoring combos and become the forest guardian you were meant to be.

Big Bang Racing

Go on a marvelous space adventure with the Martian main character of Traplight’s colorful racing game. Hop on your favorite ride and do your level best to beat your rivals in the intense multiplayer mode. Whether you like roughing it up on the dirtbike or speeding a 4 wheel drive, Big Bang Racing has it all for you. Ride past thousands of player-customized levels, and drive to your heart’s content.

Plants vs Zombies 2:

It’s About Time After a destructive time anomaly, follow Krazy Dave as he bends the fragments of space to eat his beloved Taco the second time around. Voyage to the varying times in history, and fight against their fashionably costumed zombie menaces. Experiment with new features like Plant Foods and Card Upgrades, and watch your garden flourish into earth’s most dominant floral army.

Clash Royale

SUPERCELL’s second hit title takes on a different path to the castle-sieging action of the most loved Clash of Clans. Say farewell to your unpretentious villages, and welcome a new world of medieval destruction. Using your cards and strategic wit, compete with players from around the globe and fight in some real-time castle pillaging. Build the perfect deck with kings, goblins, and bombers, and become the best leader on this side of the world.


Blizzard’s tribute to the card gaming universe! Step inside the magical tavern of delight and play against the mighty cards of your beloved Warcraft heroes. It’s all in good fun here as you collect new cards into your collection, and use your strategic wits to bring down your opponents. Choose from over 9 iconic classes, and witness the rise of Trading Card as we know it. Now, with a whole eSport to back it up, the duels are as exciting as ever.


Take a trip through the perfect simplicity of Mekorama’s charming collection of puzzles. Solve each specially crafted puzzle as you guide its tiny robot through its mechanical environments. Other than its pleasant premise, what makes this title stand out is its devotion to kindness. Given completely free, with no ads and microtransactions, you can enjoy the game for any amount you want to give–or nothing at all.

Flipping Legend

Noodlecake takes us on a head-flipping joyride in their latest blend of sheer, addictive fun. Uniting Minecraft-like voxels and vertical gameplay, take a dizzying tango through the obstacle-ridden chessboard and zigzag through them like a furious madman. With it’s easy-to-pick and hard-to-master gameplay, Flipping Legends succeeds on turning the tide
of the oversaturated endless runner.


As Bushido Bear pits us against the devils of the wilderness, Spryfox’ resident grammarian is on a match against a web of vocabulary. Faceoff with their grids of a familiar alphabet and put your best words forward. Make use of their friendly bear friends and rack up multipliers in their tile-based gameplay. Extend your streak with each timely powerup, and climb up the global leaderboards. No dictionaries allowed!


The corporate stairway has always been a difficult climb, but none as tough as this game. A tribute from popular YouTuber, Roman Atwood, help his friendly cartoon avatar cruise through the blades and guillotines of the capitalist uphill. Collect a variety of charming characters, and help them achieve that old American dream. Make your way through 50 missions, and survive the grind of their daily updates. So, perk up, bare your teeth, and whatever you do, don’t get fired.

Tap Titans 2

Sometimes you wanna chill, and sometimes you wanna fight towering monsters. Lucky for you, Tap Titans lets you do both. Take on the shoes of the master swordsman and bring down a number of ferocious foes with the tap of your finger. It improves on the original title with improved RPG mechanics, new heroes, and a sweet prestige mode to experience it all over again. Meeting wreckage and relaxation in one fell swoop.


Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

A great tribute from Kongregate, Launcha Libre makes his entry into the mobile world with an array of flashy new features. Join Burrito Bison and his new friends, Pineapple Spank and El Pollo, as they brave tremendous heights to take back his old cookbook. Back with his old martian compadres, conquer land, sea, and air with every squishy blow.



An action shooter with the heart of a neo-noir tale. What else could you ask for? This game from FDG Entertainment is a far cry from the mindless killing sprees of most shooters. Step into the gritty world of crime as you play the role of a mercenary sniper trying to earn a living. This is my favorite sniper game on the mobile phone with some realistic sniping. You have to take care of the trajectory as well the wind speed to make your shots. Within its 5 hour storyline are over 30 different missions that will question your moral code. Can you pull the trigger?…

Super Cat Bros

Go on a fun-filled feline adventure with these delightful brothers. Wander around with Alex in his pixel-perfect lands, and go on a quest to save your brothers from danger. Use their unique skills to get through every challenging stage. With its mobile-optimized controls, you can jump, swim, and fly all with the tap of your finger.…

Dan The Man

Making a comeback into his own world of bite-sized action, Dan the Man is up for another round of corporate combat. Dive into his pixel-perfect 8bit universe and rid his village of evildoers one punch at a time. It’s the perfect throwback to arcade-style brawlers, and you can take a slice of fun everywhere you go. Whether you wanna beat the villains in story mode, or go all out on the baddies in endless survival Dan is definitely your man.

Blades of Brim

SYBO games of the Subway Surfer fame steps up their endless runner game with this RPG hybrid. Travel to the fictional world of Brim, and embark on a noble quest in the realm of medieval fantasy. Take up your sword and battle against the waves of invading armies. It’s one of the finest runners on the mobile, with eye-popping graphics and satisfying combat.
Earn treasure chests and use them to enhance your skills in the endless war.

Blendoku 2

This shining gem will transport you to the dazzling world of colors. It combines the two seemingly unlikely concepts of color and Sudoku, creating a unique puzzle game that everyone can enjoy. This sequel holds even more surprises!
Master palettes in paint mode, and play with friends in multiplayer! Appeal to your inner color master.

Kingdom Rush

Before their Iron Marines release on the iOS, Ironhide Studios was already at the top of the mobile pie with their exquisitely crafted slice of tower-defense. Even with the decline of the genre, Kingdom Rush is an acclaimed title, boosting balance and expert game design into a portable tactical package. Create an impenetrable wall of defenses with your strategically placed towers, and use your heroes to withstand any attack.

Clash of Clans

SUPERCELL makes their startling debut on the strategy genre with their breakout RTS. Arguably one of mobile’s most popular titles, channel your inner medieval desires as you take the helm of a lowly village under the constant stress of invasion. Decorate your base with gilded walls and loyal armies, and head out to multiplayer to pillage for those precious loots. A base-building masterpiece.


A passion project from a veteran game developer, Dan Vogt’s arcade racer takes us to a futuristic cyber world through the eyes of a lone data wing. It has all the qualities of a masterpiece, with crisp visuals, tight controls, and a compelling storyline. But, what makes the game even more impressive, is that it’s completely free. No ads, no IAPs, and all the polish of a modern classic.

Our list of some of the best free games on Android & iOS ends here. We wanted to make some more titles to the list but that would make it very long so we left many of the well-known titles out of this list. We hope that you have found some fun titles on this list and might want to share this list with your friends. You can also improve on this list by letting us know of your favorite free Android & iOS games below in the comments.

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