Here’s How The Mobile Version of PUBG is Better Than the PC Version

April 27, 2018

The Player Unknown’s Battle Ground update 0.4.0, of the mobile version brings shooting range exactly what PC gamers have been longing for. Unfortunately, PC version is still missing it.

PUBG Mobile is less than two months old and still far from its final version. And yet, there are already people who think that the smartphone shooter is superior to the PC with version 0.4.0 in terms of modes and reward system.

The PC is the platform on which the success story of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds began. Here, the game already reached version 1.0 by the end of December 2017, before it was improved over months, optimized and expanded. How did the mobile upstart catch up so fast?

The better updates

With the latest update, the mobile version has received a shooting range that PC gamers have been longing for. Because so far, the opportunity to try out all the different weapons in a secure environment is missing.

In PUBG Mobile all weapons are lying around in a training area, numerous targets at different distances serve as targets. There is also a race course with all vehicles.

In the subreddit to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds a discussion started around this topic. The title of the thread reads: “That moment when PUBG Mobile gets better updates than the PC version.”

An arcade mode has also been added to version 0.4.0. The game reduces the number of players to 28 and restricts the playing area. This results in faster matches.

At the same time, you can now choose which weapon types should be used in the match. A brisk round of PUBG in which everyone carries only sniper rifles? No problem! The opinions in the forum are very positive.

A Reddit user writes:

“Yeah they definitely been killing it. That arcade mode is so fun. Snipers only, bolt action online, item heaven… Only dropping into a small circle with 28 people is so much more fun than the looting simulator the full game is. I hope the PC gets that mode.”


Another Heartbroken PC User writes:

“I got this game a couple weeks after it appeared on steam. I distinctly remember asking for a shooting range the first week. I’ve since given up on it.”

Why Not On The PC Version?

Of course, there are also different game modes on the PC, but these only appear for a short time. For example, with “Tequila Sunrise”, squads on Miramar shot only with shotguns over the pile. A refreshing change, but after 72 hours everything was over.

Now it is not the first time that PUBG Mobile has content that would be good for the PC version as well. On smartphones, for example, there is a reward and quest system that challenges players every day with new and rewarding experience. They make you climb the level again, which brings more rewards. There are also seasonal rewards, all content that is completely missing in the PC Version.

At the end of a match, PUBG Mobile also rates the player and shows via graphics in which areas he has done well. Theoretically, the developers could implement all these points on the PC. So why do not they do it? The answer is simple because the developers for the PC version are not the same as the mobile.

One game, many developers

On the computer PUBG Corporation, a team within the South Korean development studio Bluehole, supervises the Battle Royale shooter. For PUBG Mobile, however, the Chinese giant Tencent is responsible.

The investor holds shares in many large companies and bought the Riot Games, the Studio behind the hugely successful game League of Legends. With mobile games like Arena of Valor, the tech company reaches around 80 million players every day. Tencent has already gained experience with smartphone games and now lets that experience flow into PUBG Mobile.


Of course, the PC version of Battlegrounds also has some content missing from the mobile version. Especially with two more maps Miramar and Savage, even if the latter only appears on the test servers. In addition, there will soon be a function for the map selection. The PC team also has its hands full, just with a different focus.

The future of PUBG

In recent weeks, the PUBG player numbers on Steam have been decreased a little. Still, more than two million players still come together at peak times. PUBG Corporation does not have to worry about that for a long time. Nevertheless, the PC version might do well to learn from its little smartphone brother, at least when it comes to the community. Enjoy the gameplay the gameplay video of the PUBG below. Here, you might also want to have a look at some intriguing Upcoming Open World Games for PC.


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