How to Make Your Huawei or Honor Phone Look Like Stock Android P

April 4, 2018

If my smartphone starts to get boring, I usually change something in it. It can be a wallpaper, theme, some new interesting applications or a whole new ROM. As you might all know switching to a different ROM is a complicated process. You might brick your smartphone if you are unfamiliar with the process.

As you know Android is very flexible and different smartphone manufacturers try to implement their own skin on top of stock Android to make their phones unique and pack more and more features in them. Huawei is one such company which heavily skins their phones with their own UI which they call EMUI.

Some people like the EMUI and some people hate it. There are some elements in EMUI which are better than stock Android and other Android skins and there are some elements which are bad. I personally hate their icons. I find them ugly, yes there are many themes that you can try but I am a fond of any of them. What I like about the EMUI are its optimizations. I have never encountered any lag whatsoever even on a two years old Honor 8. The battery time is incredible despite just a 3000mAh battery.

If you are the one who loves stock Android but you have a Huawei or Honor phone with EMUI, you are at the right place. In this article, we will show you how to make your Huawei smartphone look like stock Android Oreo or Android P.

Install & Enable Pixel Launcher



First, we need to change the launcher. By default, you have Huawei Home as your default launcher. We need to download the Pixel launcher but we can’t do that from the Play Store. We have to turn to APKmirror to download the stock Pixel launcher APK and then install it manually. To do that, we will first have to allow the installation of unknown apps on our Huawei smartphone.

  1. To do that we need to go to settings > Advanced Settings > Security > Turn On Unknown Sources.
  2. Download Pixel Launcher APK (There is a new version available but that one did not work on my phone)
  3. Install the APK
  4. Go to Settings > Apps > Settings icon at the bottom > Default App Settings > Launcher > Select Pixel Launcher. You are all set.

Change the Notifications Panel, Settings Menu, & Navigation Icons


While the Huawei theming just let you change the icons, wallpapers and lock screens. Thanks to an app EMUI Themes Factory in the Play Store, we can now also change the Notification toggles, dialer, settings, menu, navigation icons and almost every aspect of the EMUI. I have been looking for ways to change these and EMUI Themes Factory is the perfect app to do just that.

  1. Follow this link to download and install EMUI Themes Factory from the Play Store.
  2. Click on the ‘Themes’ tab inside the EMUI Themes Factory.
  3. Find the SimpleO (Android Oreo) or SimpleP (Android 9.0 P) theme and install it.
  4. Now, Head over to the default themes manager and look and go to ‘Me’ section
  5. Find the newly installed theme and apply it.

SimpleP is a continuation of Simple series themes, which refer to the stock Android versions (eg SimpleN to Android Nougat, SimpleO to Android Oreo). The new version consistently shows us what we can expect in Android P straight from Google. The author decided to divide the theme into two variants. The first one, called the White Panel, has a white notification panel with blue switches. The other one – Dark Panel – has this element of the system in a dark color. The rest remains the same.

Install Live Pixel Wallpapers


Next, we are going to set the amazing live wallpapers that debuted with the Pixel 2.

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download the Google Wallpapers app
  2. These are available by default on the Google Wallpapers app. We need to download and install the live wallpapers separately from the following links. Pixel Wallpapers for All device running Android 6.0+. Pixel Wallpapers for ARM64 devices running Android 6.0+.
  3. Once downloaded, install the app
  4. Now, go to Google Wallpapers app and there you will see a section for live wallpapers. Open it and choose your favorite live Pixel wallpaper.



Though I like to use Swiftkey keyboard, you can also set Google GBoard to make your Honor or Huawei phone look more like stock Android.

  1. Doing that is as simple as downloading and installing the Google Gboard app from the Play Store.
  2. Sorry, there is one more step that I forgot about. Follow the prompts to set Google GBoard as the default keyboard.

Android Messages


The next thing you might want to do is to set Android messages as your default SMS app. Though I find the EMUI’s SMS app more beautiful than the Android messages app, I am including this step to make you able to make your device as stock as possible.

  1. Open Play Store and search for Android Messages App
  2. Install the App, Open it, and follow the prompts to make this your default messaging app.
  3. If you somehow skipped the prompts, you can set it as default SMS app by going to settings> Apps > Settings > default App Settings.

You can also install other Google apps such as Google’s health app Google Fit, Google Calendar, etc add a little more Google flavor to your Huawei or Honor phone running EMUI. As for as I am concerned, I use Microsoft launcher, Swiftkey Keyboard, Signal as my default messaging app, Google Live wallpapers, and Android P theme from EMUI themes factory.




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