Yesterday a youtube channel TotalTech got us all excited about what appeared to be a Nokia 8 smartphone. TotalTech posted a video on youtube showing alleged Nokia 8 device demo some crazy smooth OIS+EIS technology. Though the amazing image stabilization tech got us excited, we were pretty much disappointed by how dull the design of the phone looked having thick bezels at the top of the device.

Turned out, those devices showcased in the video were not Nokia 8 devices but reference designs of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. You can check out another video of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 reference design below.

The upcoming Nokia flagship phone is expected to come in two versions, one with Snapdragon 835 and 820 chipsets. The premium version of the Nokia 8 running Snapdragon 835 is expected to come with 6GB of RAM and a 24 MP OIS+EIS camera. On the front is rumored to feature a 12 MP selfie shooter and stereo speakers. As per the storage is concerned it is going to be 64GB or 128GB along with a microSD card support.

The affordable version which is expected to ship with Snapdragon 820 will feature 4GB of RAM.

GettingĀ back to the Alleged Nokia 8 devices in question, there are several reasons they can’t be the actual Nokia 8 devices. We think the Nokia 8 phones will a design language similar to the Nokia 6 if not better. The reference design shown in the video are very different from the Nokia 6. Both the phones have onscreen navigation keys. The fingerprint scanner cannot be found on the front.

Since Nokia is believed to be powered by a snapdragon 835, the advanced image stabilization is going to be there but the design cannot be that ugly.

Update: Qualcomm has officially confirmed that the phone showed in the video was not a Nokia 8 device but a Qualcomm reference design that Qualcomm has been using to demo their new chipsets. Below is the official statement from Qualcomm.

“We do not disclose details of our reference design. We’ve seen a few stories rumoring what we demonstrated in our CES booth to be a Nokia device, those reports are not accurate, our 835 demos were on our own reference design devices which we use to demo our Snapdragon SOC’s every year.”-Catherine Baker, spokeswoman, Qualcomm