Leaked Photos of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Looks Like The iPhone X

Today someone posted four images of what appears to be an iPhone X clone on the Chinese Social networking website Weibo. The leakster claims the photos shows an upcoming variant of the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 called Mi Mix 2S. If this leak is real, this is a bad move by Xiaomi. Not only because they have copied the Apple iPhone X, but because they have copied a few which has been criticised widely around the world.

It is one thing copying a good feature from another, but stealing a design feature which most of the people hate is simply foolish. Yes, there are people who find the notch on the top of the iPhone X cool but most of the people dislike the notch. While many people find the notch awkward to the eyes, most people find the notch annoying while watching videos.

People in China like iPhones and most of them cannot afford them, therefore, local Chinese smartphone makers try to imitate the iPhone giving the Chinese people phone similar to the iPhone. Looks like Xiaomi is also trying to cater to those people who liked the iPhone X but cannot afford them.

As you can see in the images below, the leaked phone has a notch at the top residing the camera, speaker and proximity sensor. The phone corners appear to be a bit squared off and the notch is not as big as the iPhone 10. The screen area to the right of the notch displays information like the network signals, WiFi, Battery status etc.

The icons look similar to the new theme that comes with the MIUI 9. You can also see the MIUI style soft navigation keys on the bottom which make us think the phone is indeed from Xiaomi. Mi Mix was a trend-setting product forcing every smartphone brand to go bezel-less. It made Xiaomi a known brand around the world but with this upcoming phone, Xiaomi is ruining that reputation. Xiaomi should try to innovate, and lead the design as it did with the Mi Mix instead of copying other companies.