Unlike smartphones, notebook laptops or ultrabooks these days come with excellent battery backups. Looks like LG is looking to take the battery life for the notebooks to whole new level. According to a new report, LG is going to introduce three notebooks at CES 2017 this week. While the 2015’s LG Gram notebooks were focused on light weight, the 2017 notebooks are focused on longer battery life.


Crazy Battery Life

The smallest of the three called LG All Day Gram having a 13.3-inch screen is claimed to boast a 24-hour battery backup. The 13.3-inch LG All Day Gram is said to be powered by Intel Core i3 processor and 60Wh battery which is expected to last a full day.

Update: Turned out the 24-hour battery backup claim of LG is not right. LG used a 10 years old benchmark to test LG Gram All Day. However, LG Gram All Day scored 16 hours on the new version of that benchmark which is still impressive but the real life battery time may be lower than that.

The other two models with 14 and 15.6-inch screens which also have higher specs is said to last for 23 and 22 hours respectively. While all these new models come with big batteries they are still very light.


The 14 and 13.3-inch laptops weigh less than the 2015 model LG Gram notebook which weighed 980g. The 14-inch version of the new Gram notebook weigh just 970g while the 13.3-inch model which comes with 24h battery life weigh just 940g. These are the weights of the notebooks which promises crazy battery backup up to 24h.

There are also other models in the ultra-lightweight category with even lighter weights. The 13.3-model in the ultra-lightweight category weighs just 830g while the 14-inch model weighs 860g.

On the inside all the Gram line of notebooks sports 7th-Gen Intel core processors, DD4 RAMs, FHD screens, and SSDs ranging from 256GB to 512GB. To get that long battery life, good displays, and light-weight design you will have to spend $1100 to $2200. Speaking of the long battery life we should also mention the Microsoft Surface book i7 which also offers about 16 hours of battery backup.