We have seen smartphones having touchscreens and AI-based personal assistants in form of Siri, Cortana and Google assistant. We have also seen such personal assistants in products like Amazon Echo and Google Home but, we haven’t seen headphones having a touchscreen and I bet you haven’t seen any either. You may also haven’t seen a pair of headphones has built-in voice recognition and AI (artificial assistant).  That’s because such headphones never existed, not until now. The upcoming Vinci smart headphones come with a touchscreen one side and are powered by artificial intelligence.

Vinci is a smart wireless headphone that recognizes your voice commands and is powered by cloud technology thus it is totally independent of your mobile phone or PC. According to the creators of Vinci,

Vinci believes in a future where your headphones are the central hub of your connected world.

Vinci lets you control your music with your voice and playing music is not the only thing Vinci can do. It works as your personal assistance bringing you information, directions, reminders and so much more. All you have to do is, just say “Hey Vinci” and Vinci will start listening to you. Give her a voice command and she will understand, bringing you the desired info.


As Vinci has artificial intelligence, it learns from your activities and listening habits to bring you intelligent real-time music recommendations. Vinci includes an accelerometer, gyro meter, optical heart rate sensor, proximity sensor, GPS, and compass to better understand you.


The touchscreen is also a great tool to interact with the headphone. Swiping backward or forward changes the song. Swiping upward or downward adjusts the volume.


As for the internal specs goes. Vinci is a standalone computer with WiFi  and 3G connectivity. It is powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex A7 processor and has 16GB or 32GB internal storage allowing to store approximately 7000 songs. It also supports Bluetooth 4.1 in case you want to pair it with a smartphone or PC. On one charge Vinci can provide 50 hours of music playback. There is support for wireless charging so you won’t have to go through the hassle of looking for a charging port. It runs Vinci OS which is based on Android platform.

As for the sound quality, the creators brags about premium quality and immersive sound but that has yet to be seen. Another interesting feature that Vinci claims is Smart Noise Cancelling. The Kickstarter campaign for Vinci is still live. If you Pledge $99 now you save $100 as the retail version will cost $199. For the Vinci Pro, if you pledge $189, you save $110 on the retail price $299. The idea of Vinci sounds great, let’s hope the headphones itself sound great too.

Vinci Smart Headphones Specifications