Rust is an outstanding action-adventure survival and crafting game developed by Facepunch Studio. The game is set in an open world environment where your only goal is to survive. To do so you have to gather resources in a very harsh environment. You have to gather rock, wood, and other resources and craft your own weapons and tools using those resources. To stay healthy you have to hunt chickens, rabbits, bears, wolves, and deer. After you have killed an animal, you can butcher it and gather its meat and skin.

Since you have to encounter a lot of wildlife in this game some of which might harm you like a bear or a wolf, so you have to stay alerted and take it down before it kills you. Since it is a multiplayer game, wildlife is not your only enemy. You will also have to face other players in the game you will try to kill you and loot your belongings. You can either choose to kill the other player and take his stuff or make friends with him and help each other survive the harsh world.

Survival is not so easy as you have to defend your self from the wildlife as well as the other enemy players. But that is not all. There are many different scenarios which could result in your death. For example, you will be dead if you don’t eat for a long period of time. Extreme cold could kill you in the game. Falling from a height could also result in your death. Being exposed to radioactivity for a long stretch of time could kill you. Overall the game is fun to play it still has its issues. You might encounter glitches here and there.

You can either choose to play the game on the official rust servers or purchase your own Rust server fromĀ or any other game server hosting provider.