tools to make you do better in competitive PC gaming

Competitive gaming is the ultimate fun once you get into it. I have been playing games since 1994 and I was blown away when I played my first game Nintendo game. The next big thing in gaming for me was when I first played a PC game. It was Virtual Cop, my first 3D FPS game, then it was the Delta Force 2, NFS 3 and dozen more after which I found my favorite gaming experience. It was MOHAA in local multiplayer at a newly opened Game Zone in my area. It was the best thing ever happened to me in my gaming life. I have been in love with competitive multiplayer gaming since then. I still love to play that game but can’t find players playing it online.

Though competitive gaming is fun, it is tough and you need a lot of skill and good hardware to good at it. In FPS games like COD, Battlefield 3 and CS, you need to have very quick reflexes, a good eye sight, a lag free internet and a good PC. Here in this article we will examine all what it takes to do good in competitive online PC gaming.

  1. Skill

    The first thing you need is skill and you will need a lot of it. No matter how great gaming setup you have, if you don’t have the skill you can’t do good at competitive gaming. If you don’t have the proper skill, don’t waste your money on an expensive gaming setup unless you want it anyway.

  2. A Capable PC

    The second thing is a powerful PC which is able to run your favorite PC game at the maximum FPS. You can either choose a branded Gaming PC from Asus, Dell, HP or make your own custom gaming PC if you know what you are doing.

  3. A Big High-Resolution Display

    Next, you need a big high-resolution display so that you can easily spot the opposing player and take him down before he sees you or fire at you. Spotting the opposing player first gives you a tremendous advantage over the opposing player. Every millisecond counts in FPS gaming so you need to buy a display with the lowest pixel response time.

  4. A Fast Gaming Mouse

    A mouse is a deciding factor in having a success in competitive gaming. Whether you are playing FPS, MMO, or RTS games, you need a good mouse that is built for gaming. A good gaming mouse have to be ergonomic, comfortable to use, have well-spaced buttons, can work flawlessly on any kind of surface comes with a higher DPI or CPI. Most gaming mouse comes with special buttons for adjusting the DPI/CPI as well as buttons for different actions.

  5. A Good Gaming Keyboard

    Though a gaming keyboard is not a necessary thing, it still good to have it and it does help to some extent. While selecting a gaming keyboard you need to make sure that it is comfortable to use, provide a rich feedback and is backlit. You can also opt for keyboard with beautiful aesthetics and RGB backlight that is just for aesthetics. Many keyboards comes with programmable backlight which you can use to backlit just the keys you use in gaming which does help a lot.

  6. A Good Gaming Headset

    In games, specially multiplayer FPS, or 3RD person shooters you need a good quality headset with a good surround sound. Hearing the footsteps of the enemy or friendly players make alert of someone approaching you giving you time to aim in the right direction and shoot as the target appears. You also need to hear the reload sound of an enemy player taking cover in close proximity. You need to have a good headset so you do not miss a single sound.

  7. A Comfortable Ergonomic Gaming Chair

    Gamers often tend to play for hours there for you need a comfortable and Ergonomic chair specially tailored for gaming to keep you from getting stressed. here take a look at these best gaming computer chairs.

  8. An Adjustable Gaming Table

    An adjustable gaming table is necessary in combination with a comfortable chair. An adjustable gaming table helps you handle the mouse and keyboard in a comfortable way keeping from getting stressed out. Being comfortable while playing games has a great effect on the gaming performance.

  9. A Faster (lag-free) Internet Connection

    Lagging behind in a game keeps you at a very big disadvantage. There for you need a high-speed internet connection with minimum latency. No matter how good you are at a game if you have lag there no possible way to do good at a game. I have listed this on number 9 but this is the most important point in succeeding in a game.

Following these tips, I am sure you will have a great success in competitive online gaming. If you have any other tips from your experience please don’t hesitate to share it with us and our readers in the comments section below.