12 Essential Magento Extensions Every Magento Store Needs 2018

August 20, 2018

If you use Magento as your e-commerce platform, you are certainly aware that the basic toolbox is not 100% sufficient. This is ok, it’s just a script, not the entire business in the box. Remember, however, that Magento is an extremely scalable platform and has many extensions written under it, which will increase the capabilities of your e-store. At Magento Connect, you’ll find tools for managing email, marketing automation, social media, conversion optimization and much more. Below you will find popular extensions on Magento.



A great way to increase your own income through personalized e-mail and cross-campaigns, based on different sources of communication is the Bronto extension. The plugin analyzes various purchase parameters of individual customers, such as the average value of orders, the value of the last order or the total income from a given customer. Then send messages from your e-store with a personalized offer. Bronto also shares customers through their shopping preferences. With this tool you will send a simple newsletter, but also automatic reminders to wish lists or abandoned baskets.



One of the activities that will give you a big problem at least at the beginning of your e-store activity will be supply management. The prices of deliveries, unfortunately, vary depending on the size of the item sent, the delivery address or the price of the operator handling the shipment. MatrixRate allows this problem to be solved by adjusting prices to different parcel parameters.

Yotpo Product reviews


Good reviews increase conversion and this is a fact. Yotpo is an extension that is extremely helpful for this purpose because it generates content based on user reviews, i.e. it shows products that have also been reviewed by reviewers. In addition, it supports many languages.



Do you want customers of your e-store to contact you on a live chat? Olark will take care of it. Of course, this is not the only chat box available, but it is one of the better ones because of the possibility of customization and reporting. Olark integrates well with Zendesk.

XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter


The XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitters extension allows for easy insertion and creation of multiple page maps. Sitemap in XML format gives the website / online store a lot of benefits, mainly makes it easier for search engines to see the entire website, thanks to which it is better indexed and has the ability to land higher in SERPs, and thus organic traffic in your e-store will potentially increase.


SERP Editor


Improving your CTR is the best method to increase your conversion. So if you want to sell more, make sure that the subpages of your products have a meta title, meta description, and keywords. Creating these elements in real time is just easier with the SERP Editor plugin because you immediately get an example of what has been created and what it will look like in Google search.

Automatic Internal Links


As you know, internal linking is extremely important for SEO, but also for friendly navigation and increasing traffic, even on older, unvisited subpages that are thematically related to the current topic. With the Automatic Internal Links plugin, internal linking will be created automatically by linking keywords or phrases, so your position on Google will increase, you will increase the importance of certain pages and keywords, provide the search engine with a smoother indexing of your online store, and make it customers’ experience with your online store will be better.

Address Label Printing


Address Label Printing is a great extension for creating and printing shipping labels that are attached to packages. Thanks to this extension, you can print the label directly from the Magento administration panel, you can specify the size of the label or information about the item to be sent.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation


Navigation in the online store is extremely important. The simpler and more precise the navigation, the more you are sure that the customer in your online store will not get lost, and thus will not go to the competition. Thanks to the Layered Navigation extension, you will add new filters to the product search engine or breadcrumbs, thanks to which the above-mentioned things, i.e. easier navigation in your e-shop, will be available.

One Page Checkout


One Page Checkout is an extension that will facilitate shopping for your clients. Thanks to this solution from the shopping, which the customer had to make on 4-6 subpages, passing through many steps, now he will do everything on one simple subpage. A faster shopping process increases conversion and reduces the dropping of baskets.


Every millisecond in loading a web page counts. Long-loading online stores are often abandoned by potential customers for better-optimized competition. The Nitrogento plugin speeds up the loading of an online store by setting the appropriate page monetization. The downside is the high price, but the purchase is the most profitable.

The above extensions are of course a small fraction of what you find in Magento Connect, but they are extremely useful and it is worth having them in your e-store.

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