5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Fortnite Season 10

Fortnite Season 10 has already started and for many, it is a reason to start playing this addictive game. In this section, we look at why it might be cool to play the new Fortnite season. Maybe this is the time to get in!


A new trailer made us a little excited for the new Fortnite season. Images showed us how a character flew through time and space. We also saw several previous seasons pass by (more on that later), and then heard the tagline Out of Time. The time is up and Epic Games will show us what this means during Fortnite Season 10. This creates a lot of tension among players.

In any case, it is already clear that it has something to do with the glowing globe that floats above Loot Lake. This one is about to burst and it’s a matter of time until it explodes completely and Epic Games will make a new revelation. The maker has been working towards it in the last few days by making the sphere burst a little more.

Pure Nostalgia

Earlier it became clear from a Twitter message that Fortnite Season 10 will bring back 10 old memories. For example, the map is redesigned to make way for locations that were wiped off the map by the Zero Point Explosion. The old locations will slowly reappear. It is hinted by Epic Games that this gameplay entails changes, but it is not yet clear what exactly these changes are.

Earlier on Twitter, a message showed up that Dusty Depot has also returned. The tweet promised new locations and a brand new mech vehicle B.R.U.T.E

Battle Pass Details

Earlier a lot of details about the Fortnite Season 10 Battle Pass were announced. The Battle Pass thus brings no less than 100 new levels, each with its own reward. In addition, it is now also possible to give a friend a Battle Pass. When you are looking for bigger rewards, you can also complete special missions. This way you can get your Battle Stars, XP and exclusive cosmetic items.

So are you a fan of gruesome, new missions and items, then this is for you! But of course, you don’t necessarily need the Battle Pass to enjoy this game. The 10th season offers a lot of other things for everyone who doesn’t have a Battle Pass.

Brutal Action

Also this season you can get started with a lot of new gameplay options. One is B.R.U.T.E This brutal new car makes it possible to drive a maximum of two people on the map of Fortnite. 

The first player controls the car while the other player wipes one player after the other off the card. The BRUTE seems to be a cool new car to play with for hours.

Do you want to see this vehicle in action? Check out the teaser below to see BRUTE in action. You can of course also find this vehicle yourself in the game to try it out.

Hunger For More:

But you probably already started to try out the new season if you played in previous seasons. 

Fortnite is a game that holds the world in its grip. Don’t you assume that we already know everything about season 10. Epic Games will make more and more known throughout the course of the season and that will ensure that it remains exciting all the time what the season will offer.

It is just like a soap. Every episode ends with a cliffhanger. Ultimately, a huge season finale will follow that will make you long for the next season. It is, of course, full of cliff hangers again. Reasons enough to keep playing, because that’s exactly what Fortnite does so well!

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