6 Best Offline Navigation Apps For iOS (Maps For iPhone)

Often when we travel on vacations we come across locations where there is no internet access, especially in mountainous rural areas. But, we also want to use the navigation on the phone. So, what can we do in that situation? Luckily it is still possible to navigate using our iPhone or iPad. Today, we have gathered the best offline navigation apps for you.

Our Favorite Offline Navigation Apps For iPhone

We rely a lot on our smartphones. We check the social media to stay up to date, read news and stream videos and music. We use our phones so much that we have to leave them off as much as possible during holidays to really to get our life back for just a day or two.

One problem: what do you do when you are in a strange place and you want to know which way to go? Do you have a paper map? or do you quickly grab your iPhone with GPS? The second option is the easy one and the most reliable one. But if you don’t want to spend all your mobile data right away or you have no internet access, it is a good idea to install a good offline map app for your trip. 

Google Map

Google’s map app has had an extensive mode for years that allows you to easily save maps. You do not download complete maps, but you save an area that you define by zooming in and out. You can then access the offline maps in your Google account which remain on your device for a month. After one month they are automatically removed to save internal storage on your phone. Handy if you go on holiday and want to be sure to save an entire city offline.

Of all apps, Google Maps has the most beautiful maps with the most details. You do not have to make any purchases and if you save the areas offline in time for your vacation. You can also use a route function within your offline map. This gives you the most important functions of Google’s map service, even if you do not have a mobile internet connection for a while.


Waze is also part of Google but it is slightly different than Google Maps. Waze is a lot more social and one of our favorite offline navigation apps. An enthusiastic community keeps each other informed of traffic jams, speed controls and other issues that affect your journey. You can also quickly send a message from the app to your friends to let them know what time you will arrive at the destination.

If you have no internet connection or low on data, you can also use Waze perfectly offline. However, if you want step by step directions you have to be online. Once you have set your route you can then turn the internet off and the step by step direction will work offline.


Sygic also has an enthusiastic group of users, partly due to the extensive offline mode. By updating your cards in time when you are connected to the internet, you can also use the app offline.

Sygic has everything that a good navigation app needs. For example, voice guidance, but also a safety warning if a sharp turn or turn comes. If you are at your destination, the app will also help you find a parking space. In addition to the robust offline navigation maps, Sygic also has some other nice functions. This way you can use the iPhone in the dark to project the navigation onto your windshield.


HERE WeGo is the most user-friendly app for downloading maps. In the hamburger menu, you will find an option to store offline maps for a specific country. Here you can select any country on earth, so that you always know where you are on holiday, without having to pay for yourself.

There are also many useful functions. HERE WeGo includes step-by-step voice navigation, extensive traffic information, and a route planner to map out navigation for the car, a walking route or a journey by public transport. You can also save places so that you can find them faster later and travel there more easily.

Guru Maps

Guru Maps is a map app that works with vectors. That means it is not one of the nicest offline navigation apps, but it is functional. With the app, you can download maps from entire countries, which you can then zoom in and out as far as you want, also in offline mode.

Cards take up a lot of space, so make sure you have enough space. Guru Maps is especially suitable for pointing out your location. The app also shows different points of attraction like restaurants, landmarks, hotels, etc on the maps.

In the free version you can use all functions for free for a few days, then you have to pay for it with in-app purchases. Importing offline maps then costs Approximately $1 and adding bookmarks on a map $2. Without the in-app purchases, you can cache cards at times when you do have access to the internet so that you can view them later without the internet. You then have no image of the entire country, but only a portion. The paid version, Guru Maps Pro, costs $4 once.

Price: Free+


You will find a good price-quality ratio in the Maps.me app. The app is free and also contains no in-app purchases. The cards come from OpenStreetMap, which are made by users. This is done fairly actively by a serious group of people. A bit like Wikipedia is being filled. This is handy because the maps are therefore regularly updated.

The app also has a route function and automatically maps out routes for you. You can also see where you are with the help of GPS. Finally, there is a night mode, so you won’t be blinded in the dark by the bright light of your iPhone. Thanks to this original concept, Maps.me closes our list with the best offline navigation apps for iPhone.

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