DJI Launches Ultra Compact Drone Mavic Air

Chinese DJI has today held an event in New York where the company showed a new drone model called Mavic Air. Specs-wise the drone is placed between the company’s “cheap” Spark Drunker and more expensive Mavic Pro.

Mavic Air is a very compact can be folded together to easily fit the outer pocket of a jacket. In spite of that, the battery is capable of up to 21 minutes of flight, and it can record 4k video at 24 or 30 frames per second and stabilization along three axes.

A great new addition is AI (artificial intelligence) that makes Mavic Air automatically avoid obstacles. If you fly straight to a light pole, the drainer automatically takes a small law around it so you do not have to crash. The new software makes the drone fly easier allowing you to take complicated shots in an easy manner.

The gesture control from DJI Spark makes its way to the Mavic Air. The gesture control allows you to use the palm of your hand to control the drone. The drone’s obstacle avoidance system APAS has also been upgraded  The drone doesn’t just stop when it’s proximity sensors senses an obstacle. The drone uses a 3D-mapping system which allows it to fly above or around an obstacle.

It can fly for up to 68 kilometers per hour and can handle winds up to 10 meters per second.

Unfortunately, the drone isn’t cheap. It will cost $800 which also covers a charger, battery, remote control, propeller and gimbal guards etc. Mavic Air will start selling on January 28th.

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