Top 10 Best Open World Android And iOS Games 2018

May 4, 2018

Here is a list of the top 10 best open world games for Android and iOS that you can play in 2018

Open world games have enjoyed a large following over the years. They are loved by millions over the world for their freestyle nature. You can wander anywhere you want in a virtual city, an Island or a desert without any limits. The first open world game that I ever played was the GTA 2 on a Pentium 2 PC. Ever since I have been in love with Open World or Sandbox games. Some of my most loved Open World games on the PC are GTA series NFS Underground 2, NFS Most Wanted, Just Cause series, Far Cry series (a few of them).

The first open world game that I played on Android was The Amazing Spider-Man and I did not like it very much. The reason is that when you have played video such graphics intense games on PC, the mobile version feels inferior. It is great to see some past PC titles now on Android. Even though they are not as fun to play on a smartphone as they use to be on the PC, or PlayStation back in those days, they bring back a lot of old memories.

Lately, I have been trying different open world games on Android and here are the best that I found on the Google Play store. Though they are not as fun and as realistic as they use to be on the PC, they are still fun to play on a portable device when you don’t have access to your PC, PS4 or Xbox One. Check out my list of top 10 best open world Android & iOS games.

Top 10 best Open World Games on Android & iOS

  • Crashlands

Crashlands is one of the best open world crafting and exploration game with RPG elements. Crashlands is a story of a delivery boy whose ship has been shot down by an evil man to loot a single part. The boy manages to land the ship on an alien planet and starts looking for ways to get his delivery in time. To succeed in his quest he has to do a lot of exploration and crafting. The control scheme suits very with the exploration part of the game but, doing combats using the touchscreen control is a bit difficult to handle. The graphics of the while on the cartoonish side, look great.

  • Bully

Bully has been one of my favorite on the PC and I felt great to see it for the first time on the Appstore. With Bully: Aniversary Edition for iOS and Android, Rockstar Games takes Bully: Aniversary Edition and includes all the goodness of Scholarship Edition, plus more graphical effects, better lighting, higher resolution textures, and a brand new multiplayer mode making the Bully iOS Edition the best Bully game ever.

The story revolves around a kid named Jimmy who has been admitted to a school full of bullies. The goal of the game is to teach the bullies a lesson and bring peace to the school. Doing so, Jimmy has to sometimes do naughty stuff and get punished for it. The game is very fun to play, it will take you to your childhood if you are an adult now. If you are a child just play the game and don’t try this in your school.]

  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wraith

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wraith is an open world action-adventure where you play as a bounty hunter called ‘Stranger’. ‘Stranger’ has a disease which requires a very expensive surgery to cure. The surgery is so expensive that he cannot collect the required money by bagging criminals. He has to hunt another type of creature that will pay him the desired amount of money to pay for the surgery. You a couple weapons in the game which you can use. The main weapon is a wrist-mounted crossbow that can load two types of ammo. The weird thing is, the ammo you will be using are spiders, skunks, bats etc.

All the characters in the game have the appearance of animals like lizards, chickens etc.  As for as the gameplay is concerned, it is first-person when you are using a crossbow while third-person in the rest of the game. The controls appear in the form of big buttons in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Jade Empire: Special Edition

Jade Empire is an excellent Role Playing Game ported from PC to Android and iOS. Unlike many other ported games that suffer from glitches and bad control schemes, Jade Empire is an excellent port. The game is playable without any hiccups or glitches and the controls are easy.

In Jade Empire, you play as a student of Master Li who is a wise and powerful man running a training school outside of a small town. The game features an enjoyable battle system that provides full real-time action. All the action involves martial arts and will be learning more tricks as you proceed in the game. The gameplay has many different aspects to it which we cannot mention in this short intro. Check out a full review of the game to dig deeper into the game before you purchase it.


  • The Amazing Spiderman 2

The Amazing Spiderman 2 is an open-world 3D adventure game that offers nonstop action full of fighting, web-slinging as you web-sling from building to building fighting crime. Move around the tall skyscrapers saving it from the evil bosses including Venom, the Green Goblin, Electro and much more and restore peace in the city.

  • Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn is a free to play open world adventure game where you have to explore islands of Uncharted Seas, face dangers, solves puzzles and unveil secrets in search of your father has just disappeared one night. Along the way, you have to fight monsters, learn magic and discover treasures which will help you succeed in your quest. The game combines captivating storytelling, stunning 3D graphics, and amazing gameplay into a huge adventure game full of action.

  • Radiation Island

Radiation Island is a beautiful survival adventure game set in a massive open world. Due to some experiment are stuck in an alternate reality. The goal of the game is to survive in this mysterious world full of surprises and get back to the real world. To do so, you have to do everything like solving puzzles, staying away from wild creatures such as wolves, bears, and mountain lions. To stay alive, hunt wild animals, fish or gather fruits. You will need weapons to survive so don’t forget to mine for resources which will be used to craft weapons. This is one of my favorite game on this list and it is fun to play.

  • Galaxy On Fire 2

While the rest of the games listed in this article are open world games, Galaxy On Fire 2 is an open space game. It is an excellent spacecraft simulation game where players must save the galaxy from invading aliens, space pirates, power hungry people who want to control the world. The game features amazing space combat and stunning visuals.

  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a captivating tale of two brothers who must set out upon a dangerous journey to bring back the “Water of Life” for their dying father. The success of their journey depends on both of them looking for each other. While on their journey they have to solve puzzles, explore beautiful locations and fighting boss battles using their unique abilities. Enjoy exploring amazing looking places in this awesome open world adventure.

  • GTA: San Andreas

A huge hit on PC, and PS 2 back in 2004, GTA: San Andreas is now available on Android & iOS (as of 2013) after 9 years of its release on Consoles and PC. If you have played GTA: San Andreas before on PC, or PS2 you definitely want to play the game again to bring back some nostalgia. If you haven’t played it, you should be sorry for yourself and check this game out, either on PC or your smartphone.

The story of the game rotates around a character CJ whose mother has just died. CJ has to restore his gang on Grove street and grab territory from rival gangs. To do so, CJ has to ask for a lot of favors from powerful people and in return carry out small missions for them. If you are not interested in the missions, you can just drive around the street of a big city in a stolen car and create chaos in the streets.

Honorary Mention

  • Mission Berlin

Mission Berlin is an open world multiplayer stealth game based on the movie Man From U.N.C.L.E. The game lets you play as either CIA or KGB operative to carry out Top Secret missions. The is played from a third-person perspective and the graphics are as good as it can be on a smartphone. You can openly move around the city completing missions, but the controls are a bit on the bad side. It is a pain to drive the car using the worst possible steering mechanism. Walking in the game is relatively easy. The idea of the game is great but they to polish the control a little.

This concludes our list of the best open world games on Android and iOS platforms available to be played on Android phones and iPhone. We hope you enjoyed our list. The list does not intend to say that all these open world games for iPhone and Android have been released in 2018. We compiled the list in 2017 and now we have updated it in 2018. These are the best open world games for Android and iPhone that you can play in 2018.

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